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• The Commodore Knowledge Base

• The Secret Weapons of Commodore



• ACME - Cross assembler that can produce code for the 6502, 65c02 and 65816 processors

• All About Your 64/1541/1581

• ca65 - Complete cross development package for 65(C)02 systems, including a powerful macro assembler, a C compiler and linker

• CBMPlugs - Plug-ins for use with The GIMP bitmap editor

• Codebase64 - A wiki project collecting source code for the C64 computer

• Exomizer 2 - A program that compresses and generates executable files that decompress themselves in memory when run

• The Fridge - An excellent resource of C64 specific source code

• GangEd - Windows based "one stop" C64 data and graphics editor

• Kick Assembler - This is the combination of an assembler for handling 6510 machine code and a high level script language

• Netlib64 - A network toolkit for the C64

• ProjectOne - Windows based C64 bitmap editor and graphics converter

• Relaunch64 - Text editor for assembly coding on Windows which works together with cross assemblers like ACME and ca65

• Timanthes - Paint.NET based C64 bitmap editor and graphics converter

• The Turbo Assembler Homepage

• WDStudio - Windows based C64 bitmap editor



• CBMXfer - Frontend for use with OpenCBM, CBMLink, and C1541

• CCS64 - Another fine C64 emulator

• CGTerm - Telnet client that lets you connect to C64 telnet BBS with the correct colors and font

• D64Lister - A nice tool to create ASCII lists of your D64 files

• DirMaster - The best Windows-based GUI tool for CBM disk image manipulation

• OpenCBM - Windows NT/2K/XP and Linux/i386 kernel driver to control serial CBM devices connected to the parallel port via XM1541 or XA1541 cable

• Versatile Commodore Emulator (VICE) - Well rounded emulators for C64, C128, Plus/4, and other Commodore machines

• X1541 Series Interface Cables - The cables used to transfer disk images back and forth between C64 and PC



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